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Esamir battle report – August 6th.

Battle Report – Esamir 06/08/2013: (All times GMT+1)

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Fire and Movement

“The concept of applying fires from all sources to suppress, neutralize, or destroy the enemy, and the tactical movement of combat forces in relation to the enemy. At the squad level, it entails a team placing suppressive fire on the enemy as another team moves against or around the enemy.”

The idea of using a force to fix the enemy in place while another engages and destroys them (preferably from the flank or rear) is a very old one and has been employed since antiquity. It is a very simple tactic to pick up and is often employed to great success within a disciplined squad. Continue reading

Xp as a behavioral control mechanism

Do you get bored and frustrated waiting for a biolab capture to go through along with 100 other players? (normally vs 1 happy little enemy farming for all he is worth), or do you rush into an exposed position to attempt to revive a fallen random player knowing you are likely to be killed yourself (guilty!) or do you laugh with glee when you have the popular sunderer racking up the xp for you (50 spawns = 1 kill btw). If so you are being manipulated by the xp system. Continue reading

An introduction to tackling Planetside 2 head on as leader of a single squad.

Planetside2 can be an awkward beast for the leader of a small squad, especially when you consider that you are a 12 man drop in a battle containing potentially hundreds of individuals on each side. With the introduction of a Lattice system on Indar funneling players into predictable locations many people have loudly complained that there is nothing for their small squads and outfits to accomplish.

My character in Planetside 2 is PirateCat, and I play most often as a medic and regularly as a squad leader for MoX fighting for the Terran Republic on the Miller Server. A veteran  outfit from Planetside 1 containing individuals from across the globe who are united by a desire to work together well as a unit fighting away from the zerg and defeating the enemy through superior training, tactics and cunning. We have developed a number of strategies to allow us, as a small outfit to not only survive, but thrive in an environment where numerical superiority is often considered the only way to win.