dadabwwbHi, im Alex a Photograper and avid gamer, who has played Planetside 2 since launch. I enjoy the strategic and tactical aspects of the game as my twitch reflex is not up to par with the younger gamers.

My character in Planetside 2 is PirateCat, and I play most often as a medic and regularly as a squad leader for MoX fighting for the Terran Republic on the Miller Server. A veteranĀ  outfit from Planetside 1 containing individuals from across the globe who are united by a desire to work together well as a unit fighting away from the zerg and defeating the enemy through superior training, tactics and cunning. We have developed a number of strategies to allow us, as a small outfit to not only survive, but thrive in an environment where numerical superiority is often considered the only way to win.

All the images seen here have been taken in-game by me before being lightly edited. For my photography work please head over to http://www.ajtimages.com


One thought on “About

  1. SFCRedFox

    Alex, I play VS on waterson (SFCRedFox). SFC is my military rank, which I only mention because I found it interesting to read your explanation of basic infantry tactics and your battle report which reads like some engagement reports I have seen or would write. after spending almost 12 years in a combat arms unit (before moving to support, boo), It’s funny seeing people employ basic combat maneuvers in a video game, which when executed correctly, usually yield success. Take care.


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