Esamir battle report – August 6th.

Battle Report – Esamir 06/08/2013: (All times GMT+1)

19:00: Operation begins after forming a small squad at the Esamir warpgate. Squad is deployed to The Octagon which increases in size to 8 man squad as outfit members come online (5 MoX outfit members – 3 public players). At this early stage while the squad is forming limited communication is given from squad leader as the objective is set to provide “something to do” for players as Squad leader views the map taking note of current force distribution and flow through the continent.


19:10: Octagon is Captured by TR Forces. New waypoint set at Pale Canyon Chemical which was held by a small NC forcel. The decision was made to assault Pale Canyon Chemical to attempt to leave the TR zerg which was likely to head south, and bring some order to the squad which at this time was fighting as a loose unit in a mixture of vehicles.


19:13: Squad Sunderer and spawn beacon are deployed as indicated on diagram, to facilitate assault. NC forces spawn at the base in force, securing the control point and pushing the TR back. Additional  TR forces have begun to arrive though numbers are still in the NC favour.

Squad waypoint was updated to a position high and to the rear of the NC spawn in an effort to suppress and distract the NC forces spawning and reduce the pressure on the remaining TR forces.




19:20: Spawn beacon has been moved  to a position closer to the waypoint to help encourage squad members to move into position as the distance from spawns is large. As the squad is new, public squad members still need time to adjust to an unfamiliar leadership style where they are given detailed instruction and those squad members less willing to follow instructions have not been removed therefore the squad remains somewhat fragmented. Despite this those squad members at the waypoint are able to place the enemy spawn room under effective suppressive fire.

19:23: Pale Canyon Chemical is Captured by TR forces. New waypoint set at Old Shore Checkpoint.

Squad moves out in Sunderer supported by 2 public members who had spawned in Harasser.


19:25: On route to waypoint squad encountered an NC Harasser which was quickly destroyed.


19:27: Squad diverted from Old Shore Checkpoint to Bridge Ward which is being captured by small NC force rendering Old Shore Checkpoint uncapturable. Squad still onboard Sunderer.


19:28: Squad arrives at Bridge Ward encountering and destroying a deployed NC Sunderer. Squad is ordered to recapture control point and clear the base of any enemy resistance which is expected to be light.


19:29: Additional TR vehicles arrive at Bridge Ward. After taking the time to send squad invites the squad loads into the Sunderer and prepares to move out to Old Shore Checkpoint.


19.32: squad arrives at the north side of Old shore checkpoint, encountering and destroying (with Sunderer mounted Furies) NC Phoenix Teams deployed in rock formation.  Sunderer continues to deploy at south side of Old Shore checkpoint to provide a flanking spawn for when the TR zerg arrives from the North.


19:33: Sunderer deploys and squad moves out on foot with orders to suppress the enemy spawn position from rocks on the south side of the base while allied forces secure the control point. Public members in Harasser prove predictably difficult to remove from their vehicle.

The squad had now reached a size where a platoon can be formed. At this point there is no need to kick public players not following orders.


19:37: Bravo squad has now increased in size to 4 members and is able to perform light tasks as an independent unit. Bravo squad is led by MoX member Fallen, and is composed of public members. As such objectives will remain simple and squad members will be infantry as much as possible.


19:37: Alpha squad is deployed to 2 story building south west of enemy spawn with orders to suppress both the spawn room and teleport exit directly south of their position.

Bravo squad is deployed to ridge directly west of enemy spawn to suppress the spawn room. Due to the rapid expansion of the platoon some members are new and have to be reminded to follow their squad’s waypoint.




19:39: TR Captures Old Shore Checkpoint. This capture marks the end of easy offensive action and the focus of the operation will now shift to defensive holds and recaptures against a determined enemy. Platoon waypoint is set on ridge between Elli Tower and Elli Amp station. the position gives the platoon good sight lines to engage enemy armour threatening Elli Tower at range and easily advance to either base depending on the evolving situation.


19:42: Deployment to platoon waypoint is successful. Platoon is able to engage and destroy NC armoured units (Vanguards, Lightnings and Sunderers) who are assaulting Elli Tower.

19:44: NC forces successfully capture Elli Tower. Alpha squad is ordered to deploy in squad Sunderer to new waypoint behind ridge west of Elli tower and support efforts to recapture on foot. Squad is ordered to not advance beyond the ridgeline as this will inevitably lead to their fragmentation and destruction, and put the Sunderer at risk.

Bravo squad  remains at their position on top of the ridge to provide supporting fire.

It is hoped that allied forces will spawn to assist and alpha will be able to push into Elli Tower.


19:48: Absent public platoon members are culled. Alpha Squad is 11/12 Bravo Squad is 7/12


19:50: Bravo squad is called in to provide close support to Alpha who, despite holding their ground against the best the NC can throw at them are under heavy attack and require additional numbers if they are to be able to remain competitive.




19:51: Bridge Ward Falls to the NC leaving the platoon with no link to capture Elli Tower. New waypoint is set to attempt to re-secure Bridge ward and the platoon loads the Sunderer to withdraw undefeated on the field.

It is noted that some public members are still slow to follow direction and are liable to strike off on their own. This behaviour is expected within a public platoon at this stage.


19:53: Due to a driving error the platoon arrives at the doomed TR base Old Shore Checkpoint. After a poor Sunderer deployment the platoon members present are quickly eliminated by heavy NC resistance and redeployment is called to The Octagon.


19:55: Platoon deploys to the Octagon with the intention of moving south to support TR efforts to recapture Bridge Ward. Platoon members are  cleared to deploy armour to support the assault and several members move out immediately those moving as infantry are hindered by their unfamiliarity with the Octagons single exit and vehicle spawns being on opposite sides of the map. Absent members are culled at this point.


19:57: NC Galaxy detected moving into the Octagon from the West with Reaver escort. Most TR units are still moving south and the base is lightly garrisoned. Platoon members who have already moved are recalled to defend. Enemy Forces detected 1-12.

19:58: Large NC force attack the Octagon from the air NC Enemy Forces detected now 25-48. Force split is 47%NC 53%TR, though most TR units are still heading south to Bridge Ward where distribution is 48+ NC (61%) 25-48TR (39%).


19:59 NC Forces are capturing all control points at this time.


19:59 New squad waypoints set. Bravo squad is ordered to capture and lock down A point which being closest to the spawn room will be the easiest to group the public members on. Alpha is ordered to push towards and hold D point.

NC sunderer is detected Southwest of base NC forces spawning are therefore likely enter the base via the closest point and push straight towards B point to engage the bulk of the TR at A point. Alphas position at D point is therefore likely to have less traffic though most TR forces will be concentrating at A point making Bravo squads job easier


20:00: A and D points are recaptured by TR forces. Force distribution is now 69% NC – 31%TR




20:01: Alpha is forced back by increasing NC numbers and new spawn points on the Northwest side of the base. all squads are now forced to make a stand at A point.


20:03: After a spirited defence MoX are pushed from A point. NC forces were able to assault with MAX’s from both the top floor and ground floor despite the ground floor entrance being adjacent to the TR spawn room. New platoon waypoint set at Eisa Southern Camp with instruction to form a new defensive line.


20:06: The Octagon falls to the NC, whose forces split, some heading to Echo Valley Substation, others to Eisa Southern Camp.


20:09: After regrouping TR forces have begun to advance back towards the Octagon. NC forces are then detected in hills  south of Eisa Southern Camp threatening to flank th TR line. MoX platoon is dispatched to intercept and is successful swiftly destroying them.




20:10: NC galaxy drop reported at Eisa Southern Camp. Platoon is recalled to destroy the attackers. who have taken position in the control room.


20:13: Eisa Southern Camp cleared of NC forces though combat is still very heavy between this base and the Octagon.


20:15: Platoon is fragmented and recalled to group for galaxy drop at Eisa Tech Plant. As is expected due to the scale of the current  combat public members are slow to respond and many fail to respond at all.


20:18: Full Galaxy leaves Eisa Tech Plant for the Octagon. Objective is to draw NC forces from the front lines and entrance enabling TR forces to move into the base.


20:20: Troops are dropped near A point and the NC spawn to cause maximum disruption to the enemy. A brief firefight ensues with nearby NC infantry as MoX pushes into and captures A point.


20:22: NC forces recapture A point. TR Sunderers have been able to take advantage of the situation and deploy close to the Octagon on the South and Northwest Side. Most of Bravo Squad have reformed at the southern Sunderer.


20:23: A small NC force is capturing Pale Canyon Chemical and if successful will be able to attempt to open another front on Eisa tech plant or flank TR forces engaged with the NC at Andvari Bio Lab.

MoX platoon takes advantage of the opportunity to switch fronts and deploys at Pale Canyon Chemical where they successfully  repel the attackers.


20:28: MoX platoon redeploys in Sunderer to ridge overlooking Jeagers Fist and Jeagers Crossing with the intention of supporting friendlies who are attacking Jeagers Fist and Destroying NC reinforcements from Jeagers Crossing


20:29:MoX squads deploy Alpha is directed to the hight ground between Jeagers Fist and Jeagers Crossing, Bravo enters Jeagers Crossing with the intention of taking position at the landing pad.


20:33: TR forces have been repelled from Jeagers Fist and MoX Platoon is redeployed to Andvari South Bank to assist the defense. Control point is already in the hands of the NC


20:35: MoX platoon continues to fight at Andvari South Bank. Preparations are made and waypoints set for a defence from the walls at Andvari Biolab.


20:36 TR forces re-secure the control point at Andvari South Bank with little time to spare. MoX platoon digs in to defend, as NC forces are still heavy


20:38 NC counterattack in force from hills to the  Northeast.


20:47 After repeated and sustained attacks Andvari South bank falls to NC forces. Platoon is redeployed to defend the exterior of the Biolab. Alpha squad takes position on the Southern landing pad, Bravo squad is deployed to a perimeter tower south of the base. Both positions allow TR forces to fire upon enemy armour attempting to assault the base.




20:50: Large NC armour force approaches from the Southwest and is quickly destroyed.


20:51: Absent platoon members are culled. The platoon has now reached a point where orders are followed and culling members is not required too frequently. Though the opportunity exists it is decided not to create Charlie Squad.


20:56: The NC attack has been repelled and the enemy are retreating. MoX platoon deploys to Andvari South Bank via Jump pads and assaults the control point. TR armour reinforcements expected in <1min. Upon securing the control point Bravo Squad take defensive positions on the point while Alpha squad move to defend the bridge facing the enemy spawn room and associated teleport exit. Alphas are instructed not to advance past the teleport exit.




20:59: TR forces capture Andvari South Bank


21:03: Platoon deploys to hills north of Jeagers Fist / Crossing with the intention to repeat our previous maneuver to support the main TR force pushing from Andvari South Bank. Alpha squad takes position on the ridge between the two bases while Bravo pushed towards Jeagers Crossing in an attempt to occupy the landing pads to deny enemy forces the high ground and make use of it themselves. Charlie squad has appeared as an overflow and is directed to follow Alpha’s orders.


21:07: Bravo is called to support Alpha’s position which is under NC attack. Platoon members are becoming scattered with some having spawned vehicles.


21:10: Platoon is recalled to Warpgate in an attempt to reform and avoid a “meatgrinder” style battle. Pale Canyon Chemical is selected as a target as Esamir Munitions is under NC attack and capturing this location would leave the NC force without link.


21:13: Platoon drops via Galaxy at pale Canyon Chemical and secures the control point.


21:14: NC forces spawn in large numbers to defend the facility Bravo squad is tasked with defending the building south of the control point Defending against NC forces attacking from the south. Alpha is tasked with occupying a small building to the East of the control point to counter the NC’s push North from their control point.


21:18: Pale Canyon Chemical captured by TR forces.


21:19: While reforming prior to moving out NC galaxy drops troops on the control point. Alpha is deployed to the building north of the point, Bravo to the building to the south. Expose and surrounded by MoX forces in cover the NC troops are quickly destroyed and the point recaptured. New waypoint set at Eisa Southern camp which is being captured by NC forces


21:25: MoX platoon arrives at Eisa Southern Camp and deploys to central building Southeast of the control point. Other TR forces are present and the base is secure.


21:26: NC forces detected Southeast of Eisa Southern Camp. Platoon moves to engage. NC galaxy drops a small number of troops on Eisa Southern Camp control point though these are quickly eliminated.


21:28: Platoon advances to new waypoint overlooking the Octagon. MoX comprises 50%+ of available TR forces and though we are outnumbered (NC65% – TR34% – VS1%) do not have the numbers to capture the Octagon are unable to change targets as this will leave Eisa Southern camp and Eisa Tech Plant vulnerable.

Platoon is ordered to hold position at the waypoint and repel NC attackers.


21:33: NC forces have been repelled and MoX takes the initiative and successfully  advances into Eisa Southern Camp with the intention of locking down D point and slowly advancing should the opportunity arise.


21:33: Defenders at point D are destroyed and MoX controls the point.


21:34: Bravo Squad is directed to assault A point while Alpha holds D point and provides covering fire against NC forces flanking from B point.


21:35: Mox outfit members are authorised to spawn Liberators to suppress the NC positions around A point. Reports from Liberator crews indicate an extremely large number of NC casualties due to this action.


21:35: VS forces take advantage of reduced NC numbers and Capture A point. They engage TR and NC forces from the doorways.


21:37: TR forces entering from the South capture C point.


21:38: D point comes under Heavy attack, Bravo squad is recalled.


21:38: TR forces advancing from C point capture B point.


21:39: NC forces recapture C point. MoX forces are still engaged at D point. 1 Liberator remains airborne.


21:39: swiftly advancing and attacking TR forces in the rear  NC forces capture B point.


21:42: overwhelmed by NC attackers from 2 sides VS forces are destroyed and the NC recaptures A point. MoX now holds the last remaining TR control point in the Octagon and prepares to defend. Force distribution = NC52% – TR35% – VS13%.


21:46: NC forces capture D point. Platoon withdraws to their previous position on ridge Northwest of the Octagon. New Sunderrers are brought up to support.


21:51: MoX has again repelled the NC attackers and is able to advance to The Octagon entrances. Platoon is ordered to hold position and to advance slowly and within cover once the area is cleared.


21:53: MoX enters The Octagon close to D point and holds the entrance passage.


21:55: Platoon members bring up additional Sunderers to support the attack as spawn options are limited.


21:56: BRTD forces arrive at the Octagon. Though the NC still outnumber the TR  capturing the base is now a possibility. TR forces quickly capture all points.


21:59: NC forces recapture A point but are quickly repelled. A force of NC MAX’s are spotted heading via the teleport exit towards C point. MoX platoon is deployed to C point to counter the NC’s attack and provide forces to hold the southern flank. It is the Platoon leaders opinion that if the NC were allowed to attack from the south and capture C, TR forces would be unprepared to defend from the south, lose B and would be quickly pushed D point losing the initiative and possibly the base.


22:00: After a short but bloody firefight the NC flanking force is repelled. MoX remains in position to guard the south of the TR line and is successful in repelling several more attacks, though none threaten the TR as much as the first attempt.


22:03: The Octagon is captured by the TR. Waypoint is seat at Echo Valley Substation though on arrival the base is found to be swarmed by allied troops. The now familiar confusion exiting the Octagon is repeated.




22:10: MoX platoon is recalled to Warpgate with new objective to assault the VS at the lightly defended Mani fortress then push on towards Northpoint Station and the VS Warpgate.


22:11 Galaxies depart the TR warpgate.


22:12 galaxies are diverted to Mani Biolab which is undefended and being attacked by a VS 25-48 size force. SCU is destroyed and all points are controlled by the enemy.


22:13: MoX lands on the North Pad and advances to B point. VS capture imminent.


22:13: Mox fights through heavy enemy resistance to capture B point and begins to advance through the spawn room to A point. some players break from the main group and head to the SCU which is heavily defended.


22:14 MoX captures A point. VS forces resecure B point.


22:16: VS forces Capture Mani Biolab, Mox redeploys to Mani Lake sattelite.


22:17: VS forces are already in the base in force. MoX attempts to set up firing positions to flank the enemy and assault but is unsuccessful.


22:20: VS forces Capture mani lake Satellite, VS forces are also capturing Mani Tower. Presented with attackers on multiple lanes MoX deploys via Mosquito dropped spawn beacons to Haven Outpost as this is the last base before the TR Warpgate.


22:23 Alpha squad is deployed to the main building which holds the control point with orders to engage the enemy from the roof, Bravo squad is deployed to the shielded teleport exit room East of the base in an effort to slow the VS advance


22:24: Large VS air forces arrive and engage MoX. Anti Air units engage, but MoX units at the control point are forced to seek cover.


22:25: VS ground forces arrive including several Sunderers, Magriders and Lightnings. Sunderers deploy Northeast of the base. Bravo is in position to provide flanking fire on spawning infantry. MoX outfit members spawn Liberator to assist the defence


22:25: VS MAX units enter the central building are able to capture the control point despite a spirited defense. Bravo is ordered to assist attempts to recapture.


22:27: MoX forces assault the control point and are able to regain control. PLatoon continues to defend the point against VS infantry.


22:30: VS infantry assault has been defeated and squads return to their initial positions. Sunderers are primary targets for anti armour troops

22:30 VS troops assault the main building roof in drop pods. Any troops in Alpha squad not engaging vehicles are ordered to engage these enemies.


22:35 Anti armour fire has been succesful in eliminating VS Sunderers and other vehicles and VS infantry have been unable to assault the base past bravo’s flanking fire. Bravo squad now advances to new position East of Base.




22:36:VS forces have been routed and haven outpost is secured. Operation ends here.


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