AlfiesCat – Things I can do.

Alfie is a three year old gamer who loves to drive his truck (Sunderer) around VR training. He is a happy member of the NC on Miller and always wants to be the blue man. So now it is straight over to Alfie (with some editing).

I like playing daddy’s game and can use the buttons to move, and press the big button to jump and today I went to a vehicle terminal and spawned a Sunderer all on my own.

Daddy showed me how to switch to third person view and move the mouse to look where I am going (his mouse is too big though it is called a deaf adder which sounds silly.)

Then Daddy made me giggle by running into airplanes and we shouted “RAMMING SPEED!” Then I had a drive by myself and crashed into lots of trees (but I can drive backwards now so it is ok)

I like daddy’s game and think it is very funny especially when someone tries to “Doosh” me while I am driving my truck and daddy shouts arrrrrrgh! Now im going to play Thomas’ New Line because I can build a track and clean Thomas the Tank Engine!


One thought on “AlfiesCat – Things I can do.

  1. Danny

    Hi mate,

    My three year old son just met his first online twin. When reading this, at first he said “Thats me!”

    My young one drives the (Sunderer) bus service on Auraxis (as opposed to the truck) and has his own keyboard with the W, A, S and D keys replaced with arrows. Giggles appear when using the horn.

    It’s good to see the little ones get involved in gaming, it brings a smile. Although he drives for the TR here on Briggs, I’m sure that they would get along.

    And yes, he is a huge Thomas Fan too….


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